BNK Machine manufactures and distributes cold press oil machines all over the world. Our long term advanced engineering and production skills ensure easy to use and extremely user friendly professional cold press machines. BnkMac Machine has unique expertise in the area of cold oil seed and nuts processing and extraction. Quality is our top priority not only in the oil presses we manufacture, but also in the after sale advising and service we readily provide. We are more than happy to share our long term experience and expertise with all our customers.


Advanced design and engineering are in the DNA of all our products. BnkMac’s BNK series screw press machines are designed to meet the high requirements of customers for cold press oil production. The machine is with advanced design, high performance and looks beautiful. It is suitable for direct processing of all seeds and nuts: black seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, rape seeds, flax seeds, soybeans, linen seeds and other oil crops. Only high quality parts are used as components of the BnkMac machines. The machine has a feeding hopper, gear box, bearings, press cage, press screw, row, cake mouth, tip, motor and other high quality components. All parts are made from tempered steel.

After using the BNK200 cold press oil machine, you may need to clean it for the next use. BNK200 is designed for easy cleaning. It will never get stuck and cause trouble. All you need is Nr. 6 Allen key. No hammer is required when disassembling and cleaning the machine. The BNK200 cold press oil machine is fully engineered and produced by Ulimac Machine.


Our Mission

– to design, develop and manufacture easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, robust, long lasting food processing machines.
– to support our customer after sales and provide them necessary knowledge to use our machines

– to ensure sustainable development of our products, keeping strong relationship with our customers
– to promote natural life and natural products

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